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The Farm


Friends, Supporters and my CIS Gay Brothers,

Wow! How times flies. Once again, I and others are working towards finding a suitable location that we’d call HOME.

A place to live with all those who desire Independency and Community at the same time.

This place, “Our Home”, will be known as “THE FARM”.

A place where both, You and I, could have our own private space, yet, live in a common space, too.

Come celebrate the CIS Gay Male Culture, much like, was set up many years ago, on Market Street, in Portland, Oregon.

We’re seeking a 4-season location, so that, we can enjoy the bounty that each may bring.

This falls within the monthly themes in which we operate our Main Community Building.

Time Share Tiny Houses in a Gated CIS Gay Male Community aka, “The Farm”.

The purchase of a FARM would allow us to plant fruit bearing trees by the acre.

We’d promote healthy eating habits, and food for the community by providing neighbor gardens. Most importantly,

we would work together towards climate change; alongside, our Green Space Communities.

Today, We’re asking for your help or support to make this happen in a New Manner.

Over the years, most of you already know who I am and how I like to live.

Location, Location, Location has become a large issue, yet, we are narrowing it down.

How? you may ask; Well………. with your involvement.

What is it about your State that would make a Great Home for us?

Please contact me though our website www ., to let us know and for further information.

Thank You! Edmour V Gagnon, Founder

email: or by Phone: 631-438-2061.

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"To help Gay Males, Come Out, Network, Learn about their Gay Male Culture Worldwide and to help those in Recovery from Bullying, Identity Acceptance, Substance Abuse, or HIV by providing Safe Space Housing through our Emergency Services Program."


GMIA Emergency Services

Market Street Initiative

GMIA Emergency Services

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Market Street Initiative

Market Street Initiative

Market Street Initiative

Working with our Gay Male Brothers around the Country to set up Safe Space Housing for those in need.  

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